13Spring is here!

If you looked out at the Green today, I don’t think you’d believe me that we had snow about two weeks earlier. When Spring starts, it really starts. Everyone has been embracing the weather and spending time running and eating on the  Green. And I think the mood, in general, is so much happier in the Spring!

This term has been hectic, as I have taken on a four class load rather than the average three classes per term. I am currently working on two theater projects as well. My friend, Talene is a senior fellow, which means that instead of taking classes for her senior year, she has been working on a project. As she is a theater major, she has been working on an original piece called “All in Good Fun,” which addresses the ups and downs of the Dartmouth social scene. The piece is all interview based and gives a very raw look at all Dartmouth is in the eyes of the students. The second is an original musical, written by my friends Danny and Maia. This is also interesting as it is probably the first original musical to be done in one term. It is called “Child of the World,” and has been coming together in an amazingly short period of time.

Since it is the 40th year of the Arts, I feel like the majority of my year has been spent doing things in the Hopkins Center. Whether it is listening to professional artists talk about their lives or watching incredible performers, it has been an awesome year to be involved. I am hoping that we continue this trend throughout the next few years and don’t lose momentum. Students have really taken initiative as well. There has been funding for student projects for Year of the Arts and many inspiring projects have been launched. Last week there was a concert outside of the Visual Arts Center featuring music from the ’90’s. Not only was it beautiful outside, but so many people came out to hear our friends sing anything from Beyonce to Christina Aguilera.

I am excited for the next half of the term and hopeful that it won’t fly by as fast as the first part…

Four of the performers outside of the Visual Arts Center!

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