Welcome ’17’s!

I wanted to personally extend my congratulations to the future members of the class of 2017 on your acceptance to Dartmouth. All of my past blog posts have been evidence of my undying love for this place and I would encourage you to check them out if you are wondering about things like the Theater Department, women’s issues on campus, off terms, and much more. If there was one thing that I could pick out that swayed my decision to come to Dartmouth, it was the community. Never have I ever felt that I have fit into a place more than at Dartmouth. Immediately on campus I felt at ease and found a family in my a cappella group from the start. This level of comfort has allowed me to go so far beyond my comfort zone, taking a religion class (that doesn’t involve the brain), helping to form a Women’s Leadership Program for sophomore summer, and going all the way to Nepal to sing and hike. Every day presents a new opportunity to do something incredible and I have yet to be bored. With that being said, no school is perfect. Getting in to Dartmouth is just one step. You worked hard to get here and you will have to continue to work hard once you come. Just sitting around will only allow Dartmouth to pass you by when I am sure you would rather take it by storm. So, congratulations, and welcome to our family.

This is my favorite picture I have taken of the Green and Baker Berry Library. There is nothing like Fall in Hanover.

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