My Fall in First Grade

I spent this past fall for my off term interning as an assistant teacher in a first grade classroom at home in New Jersey. While friends and family were confused at first how any college student could be home from September through December, any confusion I had about what I wanted to do once I graduate has since disappeared.

Teaching has become my passion, and I am extremely excited to spend the next two years taking more classes to bolster my knowledge of educating. I happily woke up every morning at 7am and my job never got boring, not something any college intern can say! As much as I taught my class of 16 students, they taught me just as much, if not more, about the art of teaching. My mentor teacher was also extremely helpful in guiding and supporting me throughout my time in her classroom.

This winter I am taking two education courses at Dartmouth, one called Development in the Exceptional Child and the other Language Acquisition. It will be interesting to see all of the connections I find between my readings and my experience this fall. As a side note, Dartmouth offers two great options for anyone interested in education or teaching. There is an education minor that you can earn as well as a teaching certification program that you can apply to and get certified within your four years at Dartmouth. I currently plan to take advantage of both options!

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