The little things…

A spontaneous photo in between classes. Look how pretty the leaves are (and Danny)!

It is the little things that can truly make your day at Dartmouth. After studying for two Neuroscience classes and spending the majority of my days in the theater department, it is nice to get outside and just enjoy the weather. It is easy to forget that people travel all the way to Hanover just to see the leaves turn, and we have the luxury of living right here! My runs into Norwich and Etna have gotten increasingly more enjoyable as the leaves have turned and the weather has stayed nice. My favorite thing to do is going on long runs every Saturday morning with my friend. It is a great start to the weekend and extremely beautiful!

I just got through working on the HOP 50th production called “Igniting Imagination.” Me and three other girls from my a cappella group – The Rockapellas – had the pleasure of introducing Aisha Tyler ’92 (from Friends and Archer) to host the evening. We re-wrote the lyrics to our traditional song as an introduction – Ella’s Song by Sweet Honey in the Rock, as Tyler was a founding member of the group. We also got to listen to performances by Rachel Dratch from SNL and Jennifer Leigh Warren from the original Broadway Cast of Little Shop of Horrors. It was even more amazing to be able to hang out with them after the show as we all celebrated the success of the two productions afterwards! We sold out the first show and the second show was filled almost to capacity. I have never had so much fun performing and being able to watch all of my talented classmates!

Me and many of the performers from Igniting Imagination!

I am also very excited about this upcoming week because my friend, Kelly, and I have been planning an incredible event for Women’s Forum! Kelly is on the women’s soccer team and really wanted athletes to start attending more of Women’s Forum’s events. She put together a discussion on Title IX and finding your feminism through what makes you passionate for this Monday, featuring comedian, Cindy Pierce. It has been incredible to collaborate with the administration and the Athletic Department and I cannot wait to see all of our work come to fruition!

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