Exploring the outdoors…

One of the things that I am so happy about this summer, is the amount of time I have spent outdoors. Many of my other terms at Dartmouth have been too busy or too cold to spend as much time exploring as I had hoped. This term, I have done a fair bit of hiking and adventuring in the Upper Valley and New Hampshire!

Last week, my Theater 65 class met in Lyme, NH to have a BBQ with all of the actors and directors from our program.

BBQ in Lyme, NH with the New York Theater Workshop

It was not only held at the one of the most serene locations I have ever seen, but it was an incredible experience to be able to hang out with professors, actors, and directors alike. When else will you be able to chat about your family and future plans over s’mores with a professional actor? Sometimes a nice break from campus is needed to just forget about school work for a few minutes and enjoy the fact that we are living in such a beautiful place!

The view from our dinner!

A few mornings ago, my friend Kelly and I decided to be spontaneous and watch the sun rise! We had heard about a good spot where a lot of people go from Dartmouth called the Gile Fire tower. It is basically a huge fire tower that you can climb to the top of and have a view over the mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont. After waking up at 4:50 AM and trekking about 20 minutes in the woods, we reached the fire tower. By 5:30 AM we were watching the sun rise over the horizon and all of the surrounding mountains…there may have been some singing of Lion King as well. The early wake up was so worth it for the view we got. And, when we got down, it still wasn’t even close to time for our classes or our morning team lift. So, we went to Four Aces diner in Lebanon to enjoy the “Early Bird Special.” I don’t think I will ever be up early enough to buy that again!

The sun rising from the top of the Gile Fire Tower.

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