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A spontaneous Thursday night at the lodge. Our delicious home cooked meal was followed by some swing dancing to a live band, "Reckless Breakfast."

I cannot believe how much time I am spending in my classes this summer. But, honestly, it is so much fun. My Theater 65 class now meets almost every day of the week with a break on Thursdays and Sundays. Today I am seeing two shows by the visiting actors, directors, and playwrights of the New York Theater Workshop. This week the shows are titled “This Blessed Pot” and “Paradise Blue.” After the last performance, my class is staying to have a talk back with the actors and writers. It is so exciting that we get to critically discuss pieces of work that could go on to Broadway! Back in the 80’s, “Rent” was workshopped here.

For more information on NYTW at Dartmouth check out this website:

We are on to Week 3 of Women’s Forum! Last weekend we had an alumni panel during Sophomore Family Weekend that featured mothers of our classmates who graduated from Dartmouth. It was so interesting hearing about their experiences at Dartmouth and post graduation. In the next few weeks we are going to be doing workshops on communication and public speaking and are hopefully having a screening for the Miss Representation, which speaks to the portrayals of women in the media.

My spontaneous adventure of the week was a trip to the Lodge with four of my friends for a night of dinner and dancing! We listened to the tunes of Reckless Breakfast, a Bluegrass band who have performed on the Green during the Farmer’s Market.

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