A Long Time Coming: Here, there, and everywhere.

Wembley Stadium!

SO I have been really bad at writing blogs for this page – for which I apologise! It turns out that being away from Dartmouth is just as busy as being at Dartmouth. Although it was sad leaving my freshman floor, it was really nice to go home, unwind, and take in everything that has happened this year. It has been a crazy collage of ups and downs (mostly ups!), excitement and discovery, meeting friends and taking interesting classes – I’ve loved every minute of it.

Your freshman summer is a little bit of a free for all. There are programs (like First Year Fellows) or FSPs (I know theatre and film are both during the summer) that some people do.

For me, I wanted to relax at home – no homework, or midterms, or finals for 3 months! But, I did think it might be useful just to get a short internship and start getting some experience in the field I am interested in going into. I approached my acting professor and asked him for advice and a recommendation. I also looked for Dartmouth alumni that could help me. Career Services is really awesome in that respect.

I am now working in London for four weeks for a Casting Director. I am really interested in Theatre – so discovering the theatre industry in London has been amazing. It’s such a cool opportunity to meet people in the business and also see how it all works. I also get to go see a lot of shows and meet some actors which has been great! My professors were so helpful in getting me this internship and although I’ve enjoyed relaxing this summer, it was a nice change. I’ve also had the added bonus of seeing some Olympics too!

Team GB for the win!

Dartmouth 12F is going to rock and I will hopefully be blogging more when I get back!

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