Sophomore Summer Begins

Bunten Farm comes to the Farmer's market every Wednesday on the Green!

And Sophomore Summer started with a bang! Everyone told me not to get too involved and to spend more time at the River, the Farmer’s Market, with friends…and I intend to do just that (while taking classes of course). I did, however, get the incredible opportunity to be the Co-Director of a new organization on campus, Women’s Forum. Because it is only the second term this organization has been up and running, we have been given free reign to really design our own program. Even though sophomore summer is about having fun and bonding with classmates, I have found it to be the perfect opportunity to fall into leadership positions around campus. All the upperclassmen that I have watched and admired for the past two years are not here! It is now the ’14’s turn to run the show and I am so excited to see the changes we can institute this summer. As for the more “fun stuff,” I recently went off campus to a farm in Orford, NH called Bunten Farm. They bring their fresh produce to the farmers market every Wednesday on the green and they just opened their own restaurant. My friends and I tried it out and it was such a fun adventure up north! We’ve decided to make a little dinner club and try various restaurants in the Upper Valley and beyond. And this weekend I am getting prepared to lead a STRIP (sophomore trips). Essentially it is a re-do of Freshmen DOC Trips and I am SO pumped to meet some new ’14’s and lead my second outdoor adventure, as I lead a freshmen trip this past fall. The summer is going to be such an adventure and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next!

My friends and I decided to drive out to Orford, NH to try their new restaurant, Ariana's.
The French-inspired cuisine was such a nice change from campus dining and it was really cool to eat all locally grown and prepared foods! I will definitely be taking my parents up their for Sophomore Family Weekend.

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