Isn’t that daunting? The end of freshmen year. No longer full of so much newness and excitement. No longer a time for firsts of everything. Like, the first time you walk around campus realizing you’re actually at Dartmouth? The first time you get disappointed, or feel inadequate at this place. Or the first time you discover you’re at home? I finished about two weeks ago, and as nostalgic as I am about everything, I’m glad I’m moving forward to sophomore year. Freshman year was filled with surprises, realizations about myself, and successes and failures. It was imagining I would love Government and actually loving Anthropology. It was finding that the friends I made were so different than my friends at home and deciding I was completely good with that. It was learning how to order Collis Pasta and not making a fool of myself. But, Sophomore year will give me a study abroad to Italy and leading an alternative spring break to D.C.. It will be trying new things so that I don’t feel comfortable, but always challenged. Getting to know new people, which leads to me the fact that  I am so excited to meet you ’16s! You’re pretty awesome, I hear. I know that freshman year seems a bit scary, but thoroughly exciting and I hope to meet you during trips! (Maybe I’ll be leading some of you? :)) People will be giving you advice, I don’t know how many people told me roommate horror stories or advice on how to spend my money wisely. I could give you a million pieces of advice, but really freshman year is about the unexpected. Advice will do you good, but the mistakes, the loss of expectations and the addition of new ones will be what makes Dartmouth wonderful for you. My advice then, however cliched it is, is be yourself. Never try and imitate another’s Dartmouth experience because it seems cooler than your own. Make sure your decisions are making you happy, and you’re set.


Wow. I actually did end up giving advice. Dang it. 🙂