Mar 292012

Dear Dartmouth Direct readers,

Thursday, March 29th, was a very big day for the admissions office – we went live with our admissions decisions for the Class of 2016! The entire Dartmouth community is thrilled to welcome its newest members. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring guests posts from tour guides, faculty, and administrators on this site. We hope you enjoy hearing from voices across campus as we share our excitement about the Class of 2016.

  3 Responses to “Welcome to the Class of 2016!”

  1. Where do you (African American student on panel) get your hair while on campus?

  2. I posted your question in the chat window – Rachel’s taking it now!

  3. I’ve a grandson coming as a ’16. He’s fourth generation. He’s a great guy and we’re delighted he will experience Dartrmouth. Nothing lkike it!!

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