Guest Welcome – Anna Fagin ’13

A note from Senior Tour Guide Anna Fagin ’13

Hey future 16s!!! Congrats on getting into Dartmouth, I’m so incredibly excited for all of you, and jealous that you still have a whole four years to look forward to! I just wanted to take a little time to tell you about some of the AWESOME things I’ve gotten to do in class here at Dartmouth.

As an economics major, much of what I learn in class feels relevant not only when I read the news, but also when I make everyday decisions. This idea was most recently brought home when in my Game Theory and Strategic Tactics class, we were challenged with using economic theory to improve the Dartmouth experience. All twenty-five members of my class were invited to present and join the Dartmouth Strategic Planning Committee. We were tasked with discovering Dartmouth’s competitive advantage and using our economic knowledge to devise a strategy for Dartmouth’s future. We used our status as members of the student body to research trends on our campus and discovered what students at Dartmouth really want and need. We had the opportunity to present our findings to some of the most influential decision makers at Dartmouth, and are currently watching our ideas come to fruition.

In an art history class I’m taking this term, I have a rather unique classroom. Instead of spending all my class time in a lecture hall, my class is partially taught in Dartmouth’s Reserves Room in the library. Dartmouth is home to a famous and unique mural series done by the celebrated Mexican muralist, Jose Clemente Orozco. Instead of having midterms or a final, for this class, we are providing the scholarly text to accompany the visitor’s guide to the murals. The Dartmouth computer science and art history departments as well as the library have collaborated to digitize and create an app displaying the collection. My class has the privilege of analyzing, researching, and explaining the piece in the new app. I’m thrilled to leave a little piece of my work here for future Dartmouth students and visitors to enjoy.

I spent last spring in Italy, on Dartmouth’s art history foreign study program. Rather than a traditional classroom, I had class every day in a new location in the city of Rome, one morning at the Pantheon, the next at Piazza Navona. There is no better way to learn about art and architecture than to wander around Rome and Florence and stumbling into masterpieces like the Trevi Fountain entirely by accident. I fell asleep every night with a view of the Capitoline from my bedroom window. My term can best be described as a 10-week PhD guided tour of Rome and I couldn’t have left more inspired and excited to continue to study the origins and development of art. When I was thinking about where I wanted to go to school, the potential for studying abroad was definitely one of the things that immediately drew me to Dartmouth. I knew I wanted an opportunity to explore the world and get to learn at the same time, and that’s totally what my Dartmouth FSP allowed me to do.

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