No, not college applications. You’re done with those, and now hopefully you’re taking a couple months to soak up the end of high school before decisions come back. But while you may be finished with applications, we here at Dartmouth find ourselves awash in them once again.

Even though we’re spending four years at the same school, there are still so many parts of these four years to plan out. Dartmouth’s calendar, known as “the D-plan”, keeps students on campus for the fall, winter, and spring of their freshman and senior years, as well as the summer after their sophomore year. Students can decide from the remaining quarters when they want to be “on” (campus) and when they want to be “off”.

I know some students who will be “on” this summer because they are going on study abroad programs known as LSA’s or FSP’s. They applied awhile back, and just heard back this week that they will be spending the summer studying language and culture in places like China and Brazil. Most freshmen, however, are taking off this first summer. This means that we’re all madly trying to figure out what we want to spend the summer doing and how we can make that possible. We’re applying to internships and jobs both back home and around the world. While my roommate is considering being a summer camp counselor in Wisconsin, one of my friends on my floor just got accepted to go to Thailand for three weeks with a global health club at Dartmouth.

I’m having flashbacks from senior year as I sort through all these applications and deadlines. But at the same time, I’m really excited for planning my summer and my other two leave terms. Today I attended an event called “Love Your Leave Term” that featured a panel of students describing their various leave term experiences.There are so many possibilities: internship at a business? working for a nonprofit? international service trip? Though at times the choices and applications seem overwhelming, I’m confident that I’ll figure out some awesome plans for this summer.

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  • Hi Dartmouth,
    Interesting Thoughts, I don’t know if this will even help my application, but my grandfather went to Dartmouth and I was hoping they would ask for that sort of thing on the application. However, unlike most of the schools I am applying to, I don’t see a place where I can add it in. Am I just missing something or do they really not ask? If so, is there any way I can tell them anyway? Thanks for your help :]
    I look forward to your next post

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