On my way back…

Here I am, sitting at an airport waiting to board my flight back to Dartmouth. Soon I’ll be back in my dorm, with a brutal outside temperature in the negative. I was unable to go back home to Pakistan this break and so I was visiting some relatives in Atlanta. My break was absolutely amazing, but now I am excited to go back to Dartmouth. Questions keep running through my mind regarding how the next term will be for me. Obviously it will be insanely cold. My first term was the perfect start to Dartmouth, now what do I have in store during my second term. I can’t wait for the much heard of winter carnival. I can’t wait to start my classes. How will the work load be? How will my professors be? What new activities will I try out? How will I survive the cold? With much anticipation and excitement, I now prepare to board my plane and continue my journey at an amazing place called Dartmouth College!

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