Life after finals

Hey everyone.  Right now, I’m done with all my final papers and exams, so I’m just hanging out in Hanover with my friends who are still here.  In fact, I even changed around my travel plans such that I leave on Thursday (instead of Monday)–that’s how much I love this place.  It’s great being here with nothing hanging over my head…no homework, exams, or essays!  I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with so many different people and have been able to explore the town a little bit more.

If you come here, my advice to you would be to spend as much time here as you can.  It’s an amazing place (even disregarding academics).  The town is really lovely, and the people here are incredible–smart, caring, interesting, and welcoming.  I’m planning on staying at Dartmouth during most of my leave terms, interning or doing research on campus.  I’m having such a great time here; why would I ever want to leave?

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