Dartmouth from Home

Coming home for me, I felt, wasn’t quite as climactic as it was for everyone else. I went to a boarding school before coming to Dartmouth so I have spent time away from home before. But I underestimated how different it would be coming home from college for the first time. Seeing my parents and my little brother was, as always, wonderful and being away from home always makes you appreciate it more. But time away from Dartmouth and having to repeatedly answer questions about my time away got me thinking about this term: all that I’ve achieved, all that I’ve not yet been able to do, the sheer vastness of the opportunities that lie before me. It was terrifying.

It’s funny how time works at Dartmouth, while you’re in the term, everything seems to last for ever. But as soon as it’s over, it feels like everything was over before it even started. I guess what I am trying to say is that I realised how precious time is and – as corny as that sounds – I think it’s a valuable lesson to learn (yes, more cheesiness I’m afraid). This term I got involved in Theatre and I am loving it. Breaking E.D.E.N. was amazing and I met some very awesome people. But I also realised how much more I want to get involved in when I get back.

My first term was hectic and crazy but really great. I know it’s not always easy adjusting to new circumstances but it’s really all about putting yourself out there and taking advantage of the circumstances. I hope you all had a great Christmas/holiday and see you in the New Year!!

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