Dartmouth Community: Basic Genealogy

Okay, hopefully there is one person who gets the title of this post. Anybody seen Community? Well then, I’ll just move on. Right now, Dartmouth students are in the midst of reading period. No classes, just straight studying and living in sweatpants. Tomorrow commences the actual finals, and if you’re lucky (unlucky?!) enough you’ll get to see the standard streaking person. So in true procrastination form, I started thinking about my first term here at Dartmouth. It started with DOC trips and the beauty of not showering for five days to Orientation Week where you feverishly made as many friends as you could to Homecoming Night where we ran (supposedly) 115 laps around the bonfire to the first snow before Halloween and so on. It’s been a ride, for sure, but what I have come to love more than anything is the sense of family here at Dartmouth. I work in the financial aid office as an assistant and next term as an intern, and many times I have to help panicking students and parents work through paying for college. Last year, during college applications I remember trying to figure out how to sum up myself in 5 words (I am so sorry if this question is still on a certain college’s application) and the problem of expressing your need to be in a college in approximately 250 words. I wouldn’t give up that stressful time because at the end of the day I ended up at a place where I feel like I’m at home. In the picture above, my church group kidnapped me and drove me to a diner blindfolded where we then played Truth or Dare. It was honestly one of the best days so far, because I was dressed in flair (crazy clothing), with my best friends, driving to an unknown destination and then eating french toast. So, yea. I am stressed sometimes. Newsflash: FINALS ARE STRESSFUL. People can be mean, bigotry still exists but, as fellow bloggers have talked about before, it’s in those special moments at Dartmouth that you know you have people to turn to who are pretty darn close to being family.

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