On the Road

This week, many of us will be going home for the first time since getting to Dartmouth. Though I thought my first weeks at college would go by slowly, it seems the time here has flown by. It seems like yesterday I was driving up to Hanover from my house in New York City. My mother was driving, which is something she doesn’t normally do, so we made sure to prepare ourselves for the big day. We strategized about how to pack up the car (a careful division between trunk and backseat), the best route to take (partially ignoring our GPS, which I swear sounded increasingly frustrated every time it recalculated our route), and even our road food. Everything went smoothly on the morning of the drive. As the cityscape turned into rolling mountains, I began to feel my ride to orientation was a good old-fashioned road trip. Then, five short hours after we started, we reached our destination: Dartmouth. It will be, and already has been, the source of countless new adventures for me, but on that afternoon, my very first college adventure came to a close.

The group after a long day of hiking Mt. Washington this October. I'm on the far right.

Since then, I have gotten to go to a few places outside of Dartmouth. My first excursion was hardly the most adventurous, but my two roommates and I went to the nearby Wal-Mart over orientation for room supplies. In October, I spent a Saturday hiking Mt. Washington with the DOC. They offer day trips like this every week, and I’m glad I got to go on one. It was amazing to be able to go out into nature in between weeks of classes, and it was definitely something new for me as a city girl. I recently got to see Simon Pearce as well, a beautiful local restaurant and glass blowing workshop in Quechee, VT that just reopened for business after being flooded during Hurricane Irene. This week, I’ll take my next trip. I’ll sit on a bus headed towards home and watch the mountains turn back into buildings. I look forward to going back for a bit, but I’ve also gotten to go some pretty great places since I’ve left.

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