Got floor bonding?

I have gotten to know my floor pretty well. We have had normal experiences: eating lunches and dinners together, having late nights laughing over funny Youtube videos, and stopping by each others rooms to talk. Then there was K-pop, watching “A Very Potter Musical” with a very enthusiastic Harry Potter addict, and “acting” for a friend’s film strip for class. And now, a month in, we continue to grow closer. There are always happenings that give us more memories and stories to tell.

A couple afternoons ago, I was talking to my friend down the hall, and I went back to my dorm momentarily to get something. Before I came back out, the fire alarm went off. While slipping into shoes and following my floormates down the stairs, I heard a voice say, “I didn’t even turn the heater on!” My friend came over to me to explain the situation.

My friend said that she felt a heat wave, and while she was checking her own heater, the fire alarm went off.  Once she figured out it wasn’t her heater setting off the alarm, she opened the door and was hit with a wall of dense steam. She could just make out the silhouette of a person across the hall throwing his electronics into his roommate’s room. He casually said over the din, “Oh, sorry about that.”

Apparently, there was a crack in his heater, and water gushed out. He was working on a paper, and since he didn’t know how to fix the problem, he refocused himself on his work. A couple minutes later, he heard hissing, and he slowly turned his head towards his heater. Within minutes, steam filled his room.

While professionals went into the building to assess the heater, the floor took a group picture outside our dorm.  Thankfully there was no water damage, and life went back to normal 15 minutes later. However, life here never ceases to throw us surprises, and I am glad I have my floor to share experiences with. I am excited for the end of the year, when I can reflect on all the crazy things we have seen and done together.

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