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A Faculty Support Network

In recent years, virtually all of Dartmouth's varsity teams have made connections with faculty members that have evolved into an informal advising program for athletic teams. The Team Advisor Program is designed to provide student-athletes with advice, assistance, and resources necessary to maintain balance in their academic, athletic, and social lives at the College. Advisors also serve as advocates and act as liaisons to a broader network of faculty, administrative staff, and campus resources that can assist student-athletes in meeting immediate and long-term goals.

David Ehrlich, visiting professor of film and television studies, has been a faculty advisor to the Dartmouth ski team since the program's founding in 2000. Ehrlich says that some of his top animation students have been athletes, and he believes the rigor of academics and the discipline of athletics often reinforce each other. "Dartmouth attracts some of the top young skiers in the world, and most of my advising is focused on the first-year skiers," says Ehrlich, "helping them negotiate the issues and challenges that confront most first-year students. I've been extremely proud of what some of my student-athletes have been able to accomplish both in and out of the classroom."

One of Ehrlich's advisees is Francis Fortin-Houle '10, a rising star on the men's Alpine ski team.

"David has really helped me feel more comfortable here at Dartmouth," says Fortin-Houle. "Not only has he helped in choosing classes and making sure my academic and athletics schedules are compatible, but also he became one more resource here at school that I can use. To know that he is there is a confidence booster.

"Ultimately it is great to have someone on your side helping you polish the relationship you have between sport and school. So far my experience here has been amazing, and it is because of resources like advisors that this is possible."


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Last Updated: 5/30/08