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2,000 Miles of Dartmouth Green on the Appalachian Trail

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During the “AT-in-a-Day” effort on October 10, Bob Victor ’88, Al Barstow ’75, and Jenny Clarke ’77 were three of about 900 Dartmouth alumni, students, and friends who celebrated the centennial of the Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC) by hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail (AT).

AT in a Day

Bob Victor ’88, Al Barstow ’75, and Jenny Clarke ’77 on the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania on October 10. Dartmouth hikers covered more than 2,000 of the trail’s 2,175 miles in one day. (Photo courtesy of Alan Barstow ’75)

The three hiked 12.9 miles along the Susquehanna River near Duncannon, Pa., and celebrated afterward with hikers including Robert Kugler ’67 and his wife Sandra. “Many other hikers had heard about ‘AT-in-a-Day’ through their networks or in Backpacker magazine, so we felt like celebrities,” wrote Barstow in his trip report.

The day held particular significance for Barstow and Clarke, who have been married for 31 years. Their first date occurred as Dartmouth students 35 years ago that same weekend, when they were the only two to stick with a group hike on a rainy day up the AT on New Hampshire’s Mount Lafayette.

Matt Dahlhausen ’11 and Athena Aicher ’11 spent hundreds of hours planning the effort over the past year. Dahlhausen was one of about 15 undergraduates to drive to southern Virginia at the last minute to cover unclaimed miles.

While Dahlhausen admits he was disappointed that the hike fell just shy of the goal—about 150 of the trail’s 2,175 miles remained untrodden—he says, “I’ve been overwhelmed with the number of positive trip reports and photos of smiling people on the trail.”

Hundreds of photos will be displayed during the DOC’s 100th anniversary banquet at the McLane Lodge on December 12. Click here to read trip reports and view more photos.


Last Updated: 1/12/10