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Major League Alumni

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baseball helmets
(Photo by Mark Washburn)
It's not quite A-to-Z, but the list of Dartmouth alumni who have played major league baseball stretches 28 names deep, from current Los Angeles Dodger catcher Brad Ausmus '91 to Rusty Yarnall '25, who lost his only decision with the old Philadelphia Athletics in 1926.

The baseball draft began in 1965 with the Baltimore Orioles taking Richard Horton '65 in the second round and the St. Louis Cardinals tapping Ted Friel '65 in the ninth, and Dartmouth players have been taken regularly since then.

Since Bob Whalen took over as Dartmouth baseball's head coach in 1990, 13 players have been drafted, with pitcher Josh Faiola '06 being taken twice.

"There are places that you can go to get a world-class education," Whalen says. "And there are plenty of baseball programs where if your objective is to get the opportunity to play professional baseball, you can do that as well. At Dartmouth you can have it both ways."

Dartmouth players under coach Bob Whalen who have gone on to play professional baseball:

Bob Bennett '90
Mark Johnson '90
Tim Carey '92
Joe Tosone '93
Conor Brooks '00
James Little '00
Brian Nickerson '00
Jeff Dutremble '01
Mike Levy '01
John Velosky '02
Tim Grant '04
Ed Lucas '04
Josh Faiola '06
Will Bashelor '07
Damon Wright '08
Russell Young '08

Dartmouth players under Bob Whalen currently working in pro baseball:

Matt Klentak '02, Baltimore Orioles, director of baseball operations
Bryn Alderson '03, Oakland Athletics, baseball operations assistant
Kevan Graves '03, Pittsburgh Pirates, baseball operations assistant

Other Dartmouth alumni prominent in pro baseball include:

Robert DuPuy '68, Major League Baseball, president and CEO
Sandy Alderson '69, San Diego Padres, CEO
Jimmie Lee Solomon '78, Major League Baseball, executive vice president of baseball operations
David Howard '82, New York Mets, vice president of business operations
Ed Burns '85, Major League Baseball, vice president of operations and administration

Last Updated: 1/14/10