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Community Responses

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"Dr. Kim has already demonstrated a profound respect for the College's traditions-and a keen sense of what it must do to retain its preeminence in higher education. He'll enable Dartmouth to be Dartmouth-to live up to its best self." 
Trustee Peter M. Robinson '79, member of the Presidential Search Committee

herringNatasha Herring '12 greets President-elect Kim following the March 2 announcement. (Photo by Joseph Mehling '69)

"Jim's role has often been to transform small projects, in service to patients and communities, into world-changing interventions ... As Jim's closest friend and colleague for 25 years, I can only say that I think Dartmouth is lucky to have him." 
Paul Farmer,co-founder, Partners In Health

"I am impressed by Dr. Kim's strong support of both excellent teaching and cutting-edge scholarship." 
Farshad Chowdhury '09, Greenwood, Miss.


Making Headlines

Dr. Kim's selection as Dartmouth's 17th president caught the attention of news outlets across the world. Trustee Thurman "T.J." Rodgers '70 told Bloomberg news on March 2 that Kim would build upon Dartmouth's tradition of putting "its best professors in the classroom." Click here to see more news coverage.

"Jim Kim is a passionate visionary who is driven by his belief in the power of social justice. As a parent of a Dartmouth '10, I am thrilled that the College has found a wonderful leader who will inspire my daughter and her amazing friends and classmates as he has inspired me." 
Gary L. Gottlieb, president of Brigham and Women's Hospital

"Kim is an inspired choice, a living example of how you can take advantage of higher education to do good. If you read his resume, you'd think this was a lifetime of work. He's not yet 50." 
John H. Mathias Jr. '69, president of the Association of Alumni (Bloomberg news, 03/02/09)

'His own work spans a variety of academic disciplines, and he operates on the global stage as comfortably as he does on the campus. He has demonstrated a commitment to teaching, to students and faculty, and to creating the leaders of tomorrow." 
Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina, chair of the Department of English, and member of the Presidential Search Committee

"Dr. Kim's passion for teaching and mentoring, and his appreciation of Dartmouth, make him a perfect fit for our campus. He is both inspirational and pragmatic." 
Molly Bode '09, Student Assembly president and member of the Presidential Search Committee

"[Kim] combines what I consider to be a deep humanistic philosophy with the attitude of a scientist. When he said he learned from his father how to keep his feet on the ground and learned from his mother how to aspire into the clouds, he produced a balance that I think is going to be important to take us into the most profound problems of the 21st century." 
Donald Pease, the Avalon Professor of the Humanities

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Last Updated: 1/14/10