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Pres Kim & Mostafa Heddaya '11
(Photo by Joseph Mehling '69)
Mostafa Heddaya '11 shows President Jim Yong Kim images of Dartmouth's Butterfield Museum (demolished in 1928) in Rauner Special Collections Library on July 2 (in photo at right). Kim visited the class, "Practicum in Digital Culture and New Media Techniques: Environmental and Site-Specific Art," during his second day in office. In background is Denise Hotta-Moung '11. 

Taught by Mary Flanagan, the inaugural Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professor in Digital Humanities, the art and media course focuses on site, location, and environment in creative works, with emphasis on ecological issues. On July 2, the students were researching sites relating to the campus and Hanover to inform new creative pieces.

"The class's assignment was great. Being able to dig into primary sources around questions of interest is really exciting," says President Kim.

Heddaya, a government major from Bellevue, Wash., describes the course as "a fascinating interdisciplinary study of the issues surrounding art, performance, and politics.

Click here to view video highlights of President Kim's first days in office.

"What Is Digital Humanities?

"The digital humanities is an emerging area of research and scholarship at the intersection of traditional humanities fields and technology," explains Flanagan.

"It focuses on the implications of new technologies and the way we can think critically about humanity's most meaningful struggles, journeys, and expressions. Under its umbrella, we find research in historic or cultural data visualization, digital art, computer game studies, software studies, and more."

Last Updated: 1/12/10