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Environmental Studies FSP, South Africa 

South Africa

(l to r) Bill Roebuck, co-director of the program and adjunct professor of Environmental Studies, talks with Jensen Lowe '10 and Deirdre Sutula '10 about their independent research papers at the University of Pretoria. Paper topics among the 17 students include: teen pregnancy in Pretoria; AIDS prevention in rural vs. urban areas; and the nutritional value of pap, a corn-based food. Laura Allen, a professor at the University of Witwatersrand, worked with the Dartmouth students during their stay in Hamakuya, a rural village in Northeastern South Africa. She said of the students: "They're of an incredibly high caliber. If they're to be tomorrow's leaders, it's great to see."

Unlike most of Dartmouth's Off-Campus Programs, the Environmental Studies FSP has two co-directors. The second is David Mbora, research assistant professor of Environmental Studies.

David Mbora, research assistant professor of Environmental Studies

Zoe Shtasel-Gottlieb '10 talks about her experience

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Last Updated: 12/1/08