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Army increases ROTC support

Beginning in January, the Army increased its support of scholarships for Army ROTC cadets at Dartmouth to cover full tuition and fees. The Army's increase in financial aid will mean that the value of scholarships awarded to Dartmouth ROTC cadets will be on a par with those given to cadets at peer institutions. The decision follows more than a year of effort on the part of the College, led by President James Wright and Dean of the College James Larimore. Both worked with Major General Alan Thrasher, formerly the Army's national commander for ROTC programs, and his successor, Major General W. Montague Winfield, to persuade the Army to substantially increase its scholarship support to Dartmouth's ROTC cadets. Larimore says that, "Dartmouth (along with every other Ivy school) awards need-based financial aid to ROTC participants in the same way that it does to all Dartmouth students eligible for aid and meets the full demonstrated need of students."

While Wright and Larimore were pleased with the Army's response, they made clear that the College will continue to oppose the "don't ask, don't tell" position of the U.S. military and the federal government with regard to gays and lesbians who serve.

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Last Updated: 5/30/08