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Alumni Association announces special meeting

The newly elected executive committee of the Dartmouth College Association of Alumni will hold a special meeting on Sunday, Feb.12, in Hanover. The meeting will allow alumni to consider and vote on an amendment to the existing Alumni Association constitution that would permit all-media voting for constitutional amendments. According to the existing guidelines, alumni must be present to vote. This amendment would also modify the majority required to pass future amendments, from 75 percent to 66 percent.

"The executive committee heard from both sides of the aisle during the annual association meeting on October 23 in Hanover," said Al Collins '53, president of the Association of Alumni. The special meeting has been called in response to the alumni sentiment reflected in those discussions, and to try to make the transition to multimedia voting as quickly as possible. "I welcome this occasion to be able to provide an opportunity for all alumni to participate in a broader, more inclusive process."

To read the proposed amendment, visit (site no longer available), or contact Patsy Fisher '81 at (603) 646-3929.

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Last Updated: 5/30/08