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New Home for Senior FenceĀ 

Dartmouth's historic "senior fence" has a new shape and a new location. In October, the two 105-foot railings that ran parallel to one another along North Main Street were reconfigured into an "L" shape at the southwest corner of the Green, across from the Hanover Inn.

Jack Wilson, associate director of facilities planning and Dartmouth's chief architect, says relocating the fence will control diagonally crossing pedestrian traffic, which has been detrimental to the Green.

The project cost approximately $20,000. Construction costs were underwritten by a generous gift from the class of 1956, while the College covered planning expenses. A new plaque commemorating the contribution of the class of '56 was added to existing plaques that acknowledge the contributions of past classes toward maintenance of the fence.

The new plaque also explains the history, purpose, and significance of the fence as one of Dartmouth's traditions (see February 2003 Dartmouth Life). Dick Whitney '56, who spearheaded his class's financing effort, says his classmates see the project "as a way of making a lasting contribution to Dartmouth."

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Last Updated: 5/30/08