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About Us

General Information

Dartmouth Life is published by Dartmouth College in the Office of Communications. Published in February, May, and November. Periodicals postage paid at Hanover, N.H. and additional offices.

Dartmouth Life is distributed free of charge to all alumni of Dartmouth College, parents of current undergraduates, and the Faculty of the Arts and Sciences.

Our Staff


  • Susan J. Boutwell

Managing Editor

  • Anne Adams


  • Charlotte Albright
  • Joseph Blumberg
  • Amos Esty
  • Bill Platt
  • Hannah Silverstein, MALS ’09 

Graphic Designer

  • Richard G. Clark


  • Eli Burakian '00
  • Robert Gill

Editorial board

  • Martha Beattie '76
  • Rick Bender
  • Katherine Burke
  • Jonathan Goldstein
  • John Hathaway
  • Marcia Kelly
  • Tricia McKeon
  • Christiann Pearson, MALS ’09
  • Paul Sunde
  • Janet Terp


Last Updated: 2/9/16