Services Provided

The immune system is at the very center of all aspects of health and disease. The human immune system has evolved to protect us from infections but it is not always able to succeed in that task and conversely it can become unbalanced and cause cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Investigators with the Dartmouth Immunology COBRE, supported by a grant from the NCRR IDeA program at the NIH, are investigating new means of understanding and harnessing the immune system to prevent, diagnose and treat human diseases.  These ideas are being translated into clinical trials by the clinicians in the Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

For all these Investigators we offer a number of services that can be customized to your needs. These include isolation and cryopreservation of PBMCs and plasma or serum for clinical trials. PBMCs can be further enriched for cell subsets such as T cells, B cells, myeloid-derived dendritic cells, to name a few.

We carry out a spectrum of immunoassays and can develop customized immunoassays to suit your studies. We provide dedicated instruments for your use including flow cytometers, a cell sorter, an ELISPOT reader, a Bio-Plex array reader and a Sector Imager, an autoMACS and a Robosep.


Flow Cytometry Services


In association with David Mullins, Ph.D., and Mary Jo Turk, Ph.D. we provide custom immunogenicity and tumor control testing using relevant murine models.

Clinical Trial Studies