Immune Monitoring Laboratory at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center


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Analysis time is free. The lab has a computing area (Rubin 720) with Macintosh workstations with oversized dual monitors. If you want to use a computer attached to a cytometer, acquisition of new data on the instruments has priority. For this reason, analysis time on computers attached to the instruments cannot be reserved in advance.

Booking schedules are on-line in RaDar. Users are charged for time used and for time booked (even if it has not been used). Cancelled time will be charged unless it is cancelled 24 hours in advance and the cancellation has been confirmed with lab personnel. Users of the FACSAria need to confirm with Gary Ward about his availability for operation of the instrument before booking.  Users of the Yeti and the Gallios need to confirm with Alan Bergeron about their availability for operation of the instrument before booking.

The sign-up schedule for the instruments is used (i) to reserve time, (ii) as accounting records for billing purposes, and (iii) for communication between users (e.g. Do I need to shut down the instrument or is someone following me at midnight? Will someone have five minutes to spare sometime during the day?). It is expected that users will be trained to run the flow cytometers and will then use those instruments without direct supervision. Training sessions and help for new users are provided free of charge.

The lab welcomes the opportunity to collaborate in development of new methodologies; there is no charge for development work or feasibility studies.

*Use of the Shared Resource is subsidized by the NCI Cancer Center Core Grant and the NCRR Immunology COBRE Grant.

**Outside academic rates are based on 1.62 times (for college overheads) the estimated unsubsidized running costs.

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