7-Color MACSQuant Analyzer


Optical Bench

Before you decide on a fluorochrome for a flow cytometric assay, you need to know:
  • the wavelengths of the lasers in the cytometer
  • the wavelengths of the filters in front of the photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) in the cytometer
  • the absorption and fluorescence wavelengths of fluorochromes to be used
These can be simulated using the BD fluorescence spectrum viewer


Violet laser configuration:

450/50 PMT (V1):

  • brilliant violet 421
  • VioBlue (Miltenyi Biotec)
  • pacific blue
  • live/dead violet fixable amine dye (Invitrogen)
  • BD Horizon V450
  • Alexa fluor 405
  • eFluor 430
  • DAPI
  • Hoechst

Blue laser configuration:

525/50 PMT (B1):

  • FITC
  • alexa fluor 488
  • GFP
  • YFP
  • live/dead green fixable amine dye
  • CFSE

585/40 PMT (B2)

  • PE

655LP PMT (B3)

  • PerCP
  • PerCP-Cy5.5
  • eFluor 610
  • PI
  • 7-AAD

750LP PMT (B4)

  • PE-Cy7
  • PE-vio770

Red laser configuration:

655LP PMT (R1)

  • APC
  • alexa fluor 647
  • eFluor 660
  • live/dead far red fixable amine dye

750LP PMT (R2)

  • APC-Cy7
  • APC-H7 (BD)
  • APC-alexa fluor 750
  • APC-eFluor 780
  • APC-vio770 (Miltenyi Biotec)
  • live/dead near IR fixable amine dye

Download MACSQuant presentation by Colin deBakker, Ph.D., Technical Product Scientist, Miltenyi Biotec.

Technical specifications


3 air-cooled lasers:

20 mW ion 405nm wavelength

25 mW DPSS 488nm wavelength

40 mW ion 635nm wavelength

Optical parameters

FSC, SSC, and 7 fluorescence channels

Default detection dyes

Violet laser: VioBlue™, Hoechst dyes, Pacific Blue™

Blue laser: FITC, PE, PI/PE-Cy5.5, PE-Cy7

Red laser: APC, APC-Cy7


Automated 7 x 7 matrix (during or post-acquisition)

Analysis rate

Up to 10,000 events/second

MACS Cell Enrichment Unit

For pre-analysis enrichment of rare cell populations

Performance of absolute cell counting

Accuracy +/- 5%; reproducibility (CV) <5%

System cleaning

Automated startup, cleaning cycles, and shutdown

Minimal sampling volume

25 μl

Sample uptake

Uptake port (for y- and z-movements) with an automated washing station

Operating system

Microsoft Windows