Our mission is to provide a broad array of services, instrumentation, support, education, and consultation to clinicians and basic scientists, especially in the area of translational research.  We provide a wide variety of human immunology and mouse immunology services.  These include up to 10-color cell subset phenotyping and intracellular staining, CFSE-lymphoproliferation assays, ELISPOTs, and multiplexed cytokine determination.  We also provide operator-assisted cell sorting (FACS) and round-the-clock access to a variety of flow cytometers, from analog instruments to state-of-the-art digital multi-laser instruments.  In addition, our services are available to Pharma for clinical trial end-point assays on a fee-for-service basis.  Quality control is a priority of our Shared Resource as is proficiency testing of our Technologists.  DartLab staff are available for consultation and assistance with planning, execution, analysis and interpretation of immunological assays and multi-color flow cytometry.  We encourage users to become self-sufficient and have an active teaching and training program, including a 5-lecture flow cytometry course taught by the DartLab staff.

We aspire to

- the right answer, the first time, with the least variability.

DartLab is a Shared Resource in the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth.  It is supported by the Immunology COBRE CIR, by the Norris Cotton Cancer Center, and by the Geisel School of Medicine.







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