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Henry Farid Digital Forensics Written by Susan Knapp

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Hany Farid is an assistant professor of computer science with joint appointments at Dartmouth's Institute for Security Technology Studies and at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience.

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Sidebar: Orozco is Digitized

Orozco is Digitized

Not all digital manipulation is nefarious. As part of a traveling exhibition that featured paintings and drawings by the Mexican muralist José Clemente Orozco, Farid and Jethro Rothe-Kushel '03 produced a virtual tour of Orozco's U.S. murals. One of the most famous murals by Orozco is "The Epic of American Civilization," in Dartmouth's Baker Library.

Since Orozco created few public frescoes during his career in the U.S., and since these giant masterpieces could not travel with the exhibit, Farid and Rothe-Kushel wanted more people to be able to see and appreciate these complex works of art.

They started with digital photographs of sections of the murals, and manipulated them, flattening them out and pasting them back together to create a three-dimensional, virtual, viewing experience.

"I was attracted to this project because as a Chicano, it is very rare to find such a bold, artistic depiction of American history that really tells the story of my ancestors," says Rothe-Kushel, a native of Los Angeles and a religion major interested in computer science and filmmaking.

Farid and Rothe-Kushel's virtual murals complemented the 2002-2003 traveling exhibition that was installed at the Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth as well as at museums in San Diego and Mexico City. Orozco's U.S. murals (and other examples of Farid's work) can be seen online at www.cs.dartmouth.edu/farid/orozco/.

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