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Ella L.J. Edmundson Bell

Can You Name Five Black Women Business Leaders?

Ella L.J. Edmundson Bell is determined to put women of color in positions of leadership in America’s top companies. Go >>


Space Weather Starts at the Sun

Mary Hudson studies the “weather patterns” that originate from a solar eruption. Go >>

Space weather
ArchiveVol. 1 Issue 1 - Fall 2003

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Health Care by the Numbers (cover feature)
Researchers at the Center for the Evaluative Clinical Sciences reach across disciplines to understand the factors that produce high-quality health care. Go >>

Can a Robot Predict Space Weather?
Remote sensing in polar regions can help relay data about earth’s magnetic fields. Go >>

Bringing Data Retrieval into the 21st Century
Inventing a new and dynamic approach to computer security.
Go >>

Captivated by Ecological Complexities
Carol Folt and her team piece together puzzles of environment and biology. Go >>

In the Eyes of the Beholder
The Italian Renaissance has been studied and written about perhaps more than any other era in art history, and yet Adrian Randolph faces a dearth of material. Go >>

The Foundation for a Livable Future
Rich Howarth’s work integrates economics, the environment and more. Go >>

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