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A Letter From the Deans

Three years ago at a celebration at Dartmouth marking the 50th anniversary of the National Science Foundation, Dr. Rita Colwell, the agency's director, observed that "visiting the nation's most prestigious institutions" was one of her greatest sources of inspiration. "I get to witness firsthand the wonderful work that's being done at the frontiers of learning and discovery."

Learning and discovery are two words that capture perfectly the spirit of inquiry at Dartmouth, where teaching and research have been complementary components of the intellectual experience for generations. Rich and varied in its history, vibrant and dynamic today, scholarship at Dartmouth is marked by a seamless integration of lab and classroom, campus and community.

This magazine seeks to bring you closer to this extraordinary community and closer to what distinguishes scholarship at Dartmouth. We are in the midst of an exciting time in academia, one in which those working in the sciences, the arts, the social sciences, and the humanities are discovering some of their greatest opportunities and advances across disciplines. It is a time in which Dartmouth is ideally positioned to make exciting and significant contributions to teaching and scholarship.

Working at the leading edges of their fields, Dartmouth faculty members are forging exciting new partnerships among and within disciplines. In future issues you will read about clinicians and environmental scientists working to develop new mechanisms for preventing illness, anthropologists, marketing professionals and psychologists confronting behavioral and societal problems, computer scientists and art historians creating three-dimensional online exhibitions, and many more.

They are all, individually and collectively, creating new paths, making bold advances, and enriching the learning environment. We are excited to have this chance to feature their work. We hope that their discoveries will enrich your lives as well.

Michael S. Gazzaniga
Dean, Arts and Sciences Faculty, Dartmouth College
Paul Danos
Dean, Tuck School of Business
Stephen Spielberg
Dean, Dartmouth Medical School
Lewis Duncan
Dean, Thayer School of Engineering

Working at the leading edges of their fields, Dartmouth faculty members are forging exciting new partnerships among and within disciplines.

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