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Denise Anthony, Assistant Professor of Sociology, meets with Jennifer Jaggi ‘03, her post-Baccalaureate Research Assistant, to discuss how the social networks of patients influence their use of the health care system.

Can You Name Five Black Women Business Leaders?

Space Weather Starts at the Sun

Health Care by the Numbers (cover feature)

Can a Robot Predict Space Weather?

Bringing Data Retrieval into the 21st Century

Captivated by Ecological Complexities

In the Eyes of the Beholder

The Foundation for a Livable Future

Health Care by the Numbers, written by Tamara Steinert

A Selected List of CECS Studies and Programs:

  • Development of a Veteran’s Administration National Quality Scholars Program
  • Benefits of Regionalizing Surgery for Medicare Patients
  • Surgical Volume Matters: Helping Patients Pick Hospitals
  • Structure, Process and Outcomes in Cancer Surgery
  • The New Hampshire Access to Primary Care Indicator Project
  • The New Hampshire Nursing Workforce Web-Based Survey Endowment
  • The Vermont Data Analysis Project
  • Primary Care Service Area Enhancements and Studies
  • Impact of Family Planning Services Availability
  • The Maine Lumbar Spine Study
  • Developing and Evaluating Shared Decision Making Programs
  • Learning and Teaching About Patient Self Care
  • Simple Tools to Facilitate Risk Communication in Primary Care
  • Causes and Consequences of Health Care Intensity
  • Longitudinal Methods in Cancer Research
  • Evaluation of Osteoporosis: Prevention in the Elderly
  • Evaluation of Digital Mammography Screening
  • The Culture of Patient Safety Evaluation
  • Rural Ethics Project
  • Helping Patients and Physicians Make Sense of Medical Data
  • Understanding Numbers in Health
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