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Vol. 1 Issue 1 - A Tale for All Ages


Vol. 1 Issue 1 - Fall 2003

Cover Feature:
A Tale for All Ages
Nancy Canepa's new translation of a classic children's story illuminates the bittersweet nature of growing up.

Sending the Right Message
Punam Keller wants to make sure healthcare providers understand the power of moods.

Running Your Engine Green
Two engineers lead the charge to make cellulosic ehtanol a feasible alternative fuel.

Digital Forensics
Hany Farid is a Sherlock Holmes for the Digital Age.

Charting the Waters
Bob Brakenridge documents one of nature's most deadly phenomena.

Souvenirs Of A Sordid Past
J. Martin Favor investigates how we remember slavery.

A New Approach to Early Treatment of Cancer
Michael Sporn uses compounds derived from plant materials to prevent the spread of cancer.

Digital Library and Scholarly Communication
Three collaborative projects demonstrate the new ways in which faculty members use technology to communicate with one another and the world.

Weighing a Mother's Work
Patricia Anderson examines the relationship between a child's well-being and a mother's career.

Enzyme Architecture
Amy Anderson dissects an enzyme to tackle a public health issue.

Do Technologically Advanced Weapons Make for Shorter Wars?
Alan C. Stam and colleagues analyze the historical data on the timelines of war.

Undergraduates Making a Difference
Student research explores local land conservation and academic publishing.

Faculty Essay
Allan C. Stam and colleagues analyze historical data on the timelines of war.

A Letter From the Deans
By Michael S. Gazzaniga, Paul Danos, Stephen Spielberg, Lewis Duncan.

A Letter From the Editor
By Laurel Stavis.

UNKNOWN: Bronze Ram
"It's an exceptional object," said Joseph Ackley '03 from Southbury, Conn, "but one that raises myriad questions about its origins, how it was made, and its intended function."

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