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Baker Tower Faculty Advisory Board Members

Michael S. Gazzaniga (Chair)

  • Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • David T. McLaughlin Distinguished Professor
  • Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Director, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience

Pamela K. Crossley

  • Robert 1932 and Barbara Black Professor of History

Tillman U. Gerngross

  • Associate Professor of Biochemical Engineering, Thayer School of Engineering

Robert G. Hansen

  • Senior Associate Dean, Tuck School of Business
  • Norman W. Martin 1925 Professor of Business Administration

William F. Hickey, M.D.

  • Professor of Pathology, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Dartmouth Medical School

Laura-Ann Petitto

  • Professor and Chair of Education,
  • Research Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Daniel N. Rockmore

  • Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Brenda R. Silver

  • Professor of English
  • Mary Brinsmead Wheelock Professor

Jonathan S. Skinner

  • John French Professor of Economics
  • Professor of Community and Family Medicine

Laurel Stavis

  • Director of Public Affairs

William N. Walker

  • Vice President for Public Affairs

Craig S. Wilder

  • Professor of History

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Faculty Advisors

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