Terms & Conditions

Tuition, Room and Board

Tuition, room and board are processed on the College Bill administered by the Student Financial Services Office.  Dining plan administration is overseen by DDS Dartmouth Dining Services, while the dining plan changes are processed by hand at the Dartmouth Card Office.

Unused Funds and Transfers

Positive balances in the DASH Discretionary account may be transferred to Administrative Fees & Fines accounts. Upon written request, unused funds (max. amount of $100 per term) can be transferred to your Student Financial Services' student account at the end of a term provided there is no balance owed in other ID Card accounts. Transferred amounts will first be applied to any charges on the ID Card. 

NOTE: Transfers to the Student Financial Services' student account cannot be made for credit card payments.  Payments made to the ID Card accounts by credit card can only be refunded to the credit card. Requests for refunds are handled in accordance with established procedures.

Unused Dartmouth Dining Plan meals or DBA funds are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to other accounts.

Are you graduating this spring?  There are some things you should know.  Please visit HERE for more information.

Insufficient Funds & Overdue Balances

Accounts with insufficient funds may be declined. Unpaid balances may prevent you from registering for a new term until the balance is paid in full.

Owed Balances

Balances owed to Dartmouth Card accounts are subject to a system operation which is performed at the end of the fiscal year, in mid-June.  This system operation clears any negative balances in the DA$H Discretionary or Administrative Fees and Fines accounts, and transfers them to the tuition bill.  After such action has occurred, the Dartmouth Card Office no longer holds those past due balances and cannot accept payment toward them.  Payments for balances transferred from the Dartmouth Card accounts must then be processed by Student Financial Services.

Problem Resolution

If you believe that your DASH, Dining or Administrative Fees & Fines account was improperly charged, please obtain an account statement through your Banner Student account and take it to the location where the transaction occurred.


For other account problems or questions, contact the Dartmouth Card Office.


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

FERPA “is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education.” (http://www2.ed.gov/policy/gen/guid/fpco/ferpa/index.html)

Eligible students must give appropriate consent for their personal records to be shared with a parent or guardian. If an eligible student would like to waive their rights under FERPA, they must send an email clearly identifying their wishes from their Dartmouth College email account.


GreenPrint “Media Lost Card” Notice

Each ID card that is printed has a different internal code that distinguishes between a student’s current active card and another card that may be connected to their accounts.  This protects the students so that they only have one card active at a time and any other card that may be lost cannot be used to access the students’ accounts.

Every time that a replacement card is printed, or a lost card reactivated, this internal code must be changed.  The difficulty here is that the GreenPrint system must be calibrated with the new current active card.  To do this, the card must be swiped at a print station before the student logs in to process a print job.  The print job will not be released otherwise.

The “Media Lost Card” error message relates to the fact that the GreenPrint system does not recognize that a new card has been activated for your accounts.  All it can tell is that the formerly active card has been classified as lost.

To fix this, you may need to clear your print queue first.  You will need to be able to swipe the card at a station without any print jobs waiting for the new card to be registered by the GreenPrint system.  If you have trouble with this, please contact the HelpDesk for assistance with clearing the print queue.



GreenPrint Error Sign




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