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Submit a Dining Plan Change

2018 Winter Term Meal Plans End: March 14th.

2018 Spring Term Meal Plans Begin: March 24th.

We are currently accepting dining plan change requests for the 2018 Spring Term.

Please read before you submit for your dining plan change:

Please review your Dining Plan status before you submit for a change. While your most recent dining plan should be reflected as your pre-assigned dining plan, we invite you to check the dining plan billing via the notification email sent prior to the start of term. Also, we encourage you to review the available dining plan options. To do so, please visit DDS Dartmouth Dining Services' dining plan information page.

When your first tuition statement for the new term becomes available, please verify your pre-assigned dining plan and billing through the following links:

Banner Student
D-Pay (via Student Financial Services)

Once you submit the form, a copy of the change request will be sent to the inbox of the email address provided on the form. Due to the volume of changes performed, further confirmation will not be sent.

Dining Plan adjustments can be viewed through the recent activity of your D-Pay account. As soon as term begins, your Dining Plan status can be viewed through your registered GET Funds account.

To submit a dining plan change request, please click here.



Last Day to change 2018 Spring Term Dining Plans is:
March 15th at 4:00 PM.

From March 15th at 4:01PM, any change submitted is subject to Late Fees/Prorated Adjustments. 

Last Updated: 2/2/18