Replacement Cards

Please care for your card.  Everything about your life at Dartmouth relies on the accounts and access through the Dartmouth Card.  Don't worry, wear over time is expected.  Please read here for information about the conditions for having a card replaced.

Card Status: Damaged

Because of the technology which the Dartmouth Card uses in order to function properly, please treat you card well.  Improper care will damage the card and a replacement for such damage will incur a $5.00 charge.

Replacements of non-functioning cards due to normal wear and tear are free, in lieu of returned damaged card.  If the damaged card is not present, a lost/stolen fee will be applied.

We consider the following to be improper care:

  Do not punch a slot or hole.
  Do not expose to extreme heat or open flame—for example clothes dryers or irons.
  Do not leave in direct sunlight.
  Do not alter the ID photo.
  Do not expose to solvents, thinners, mineral spirits, etc.
  Do not machine wash.
  Do not use as an ice-scraper or scraping tool.
  Do not crimp, bend, or twist card.
  Do not bite.

If any of the above uses, or similar, are determined, a fee will be administered.  Estimation of damage is at the discretion of the Dartmouth Card Office.

Card Status: Lost or Stolen

Lost or stolen cards should be reported IMMEDIATELY to the Dartmouth Card Office 603-646-3724 during regular business hours. After business hours lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to Safety and Security at 603-646-4000. After you report your lost or stolen card, request that it be deactivated, blocking the unauthorized use of your accounts.

A lost or stolen card does not mean that money in your account will be lost as long as you report your lost or stolen card immediately.  Your money will only be secure when your lost or stolen card is deactivated, not before.

Replacement cards can be issued from the Dartmouth Card Office at any time during business hours. A new card can be produced in minutes and will have the same account and access features as your original card.

From September 1st through August 31st each year, you may replace up to 2 lost/stolen Dartmouth ID’s for $25.00 each.  Any additional lost/stolen ID replaced during this time period will be $50.00 each.  Cards damaged due to improper care will be charged a fee of $5.00. This is a policy of the Dartmouth Card Office.

Formerly lost cards can be reactivated at no cost.  Reactivating an old card will deactivate the currently lost card, securing your accounts for your use and no one else.

Problems with GreenPrint have been known to occur after getting an ID card replacement or reactivating an old ID card.
For information about this, please see "Terms and Conditions" in the menu items to the left.






©Copyright 2013 Trustees of Dartmouth College. All rights reserved.
This document may not be copied in part or full without express written permission
from the Dartmouth Card Office.  All violations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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