Guide to ManageMyID

Deposits via ManageMyID:

The ManageMyID website is a great tool for students to monitor their Dartmouth Card accounts’ balances and transactions.  A student must first register for an account with the website before they can log in and view their account information. 

Students: to register, please visit the link above.  This website (view image below) will be the login page once your registration is complete.  To begin the registration process, click on the link below the login portion of the page indicating “Click here to sign up!” and fill out the registration form provided.  Once the form is filled out and submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the address provided—this email must be responded to in order for the registration process to complete successfully. 

The ManageMyID website is the online payment gateway for web deposits to the Dartmouth Card.  Deposits can be made through the ManageMyID website by MasterCard or Visa supported credit/debit cards.

Parents and students can make fast online deposits without logging in to a registered account by clicking on the menu item “Guest Deposit” from the login page.  When depositing with this fast-link, you will need two things: the credit/debit card number from which to make the payment, and the student’s
9-Digit ID Number.

MMID Detail image2

The ManageMyID website is not maintained by the Dartmouth Card Office.  However, we are able to guide users through its functions, and resolve or give reason for most complications users may come across.

Common Questions

I am trying to log in, but the website keeps saying "Unable to Identify Patron."

Answer: This wording is a reference to the fact that a user account has not been made for the email address you are using.  Student accounts for the  ManageMyID website are not automatically set up.  The registration for an account must be manually set up before a student is able to log in and access their Dartmouth Card accounts.

I have registered but I am still unable to log in.

Answer:  Most of the time, this problem arises because the confirmation email had not been responded to.  Please be sure to check the inbox (and sometimes the junk folder) for the address provided during the registration process to find the confirmation email.   

I have registered, but I never received a confirmation email.

Answer:  If you believe a confirmation email was not sent, please notify the Dartmouth Card Office so that we can reset the unconfirmed account.  There is a possibility that the email address provided was incorrect (spelling, punctuation…those little things that happen when we type too fast) and the confirmation email was not deliverable. 

The ManageMyID website is telling me that my registered account is locked. Why is this?

Answer: There may be wait-delay in effect keeping you from being able to log in due to the number of unsuccessful log-in attempts.  If you wait for a period of at least 24 hours, the website may clear the "lock" and allow you to log in. Otherwise, report the "locked" status to the Dartmouth Card Office and request to have the account reset.  Keep in mind, this reset will require you to re-register for your account.

My deposit did not go through.  The website gave the response “Error: Bad.”

Answer:  Part or all of the verification checks performed by the website failed.  This is usually due to an inconsistency in the billing information provided by the user.  The billing information provided must match that of the credit card statement; otherwise, the transaction will be denied.

I have tried to make a deposit multiple times, without success.  My credit card transaction statement shows a $1.00 charge for each attempt.

Answer:   If you look at your credit card statement and see that the charge indicates that it is posted by our office, please know that is not the case.  The Dartmouth Card Office does not charge for credit card transactions.  The $1.00 charge is a holding amount placed by the transaction attempt through the ManageMyID website until the transaction clears—either approved or denied.  This is not a mischarge or an additional charge, and the amount is usually cleared within 2-3 bank business days.






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