Dartmouth ID Card

All regular Dartmouth employees are entitled to a Dartmouth ID card. Some departments require employees to wear the ID card as a badge. Please check with your supervisor to see if this is the case in your department.

Note: If your department wishes you to wear your ID card as a badge, DO NOT punch a hole through the card. This will damage the proximity chip inside the card and door access will no longer work.

The Dartmouth Card is a convenient tool for campus-related needs and amenities, such as discounts to performances and movies at the Hopkins Center; entry to buildings with permitted access; and, use at libraries across campus to borrow books, journals, CDs and DVDs.

Your ID card can also be used to receive discounts at local merchants and national companies participating in the D-Perks program.

For more information on the Benefits of the Dartmouth ID card, please consult with a Human Resources Consultant.

Campus Spending Accounts Available to Employees

The Dartmouth Card Office is responsible for printing the ID cards and maintaining the accounts available to the cardholders. Once activated, the ID card accounts can be used to purchase meals or food items in the dining facilities around campus. For employees, the available accounts consist of the following:

Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Student Meal Plans

Dining services offers a dining option to employees in the form of meal plans. These options are also available to Graduate Students, effective Fall 2015:

BREAKFAST, 10 Meals: $75.00

LUNCH, 10 Meals: $80.00

DINNER, 10 Meals: $125.00

These meal plan options can be purchased in combinations as needed. However, as they are non-transferrable, they are only redeemable at ’53 Commons. All Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Student meal plans expire on Commencement Day in June each year. They are valid only within the academic year they are purchased, and they do not roll-over. Please note, these meal plans are non-refundable.

Employee Prepaid Discretionary Account

This account is similar to the graduating student's Prepaid DA$H Discretionary account in the fact that it is created with a zero balance, and cannot go negative. A deposit must be made to this account before it can be used. The same payment methods available to students apply to this account. The one difference between the employee prepaid discretionary account and that of graduating students is that once the account is created, it is always the employee's account.

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