Questions: Dining Plan Changes

Who needs to submit a dining plan change request form?

You should submit a change request form if...

    ...the dining plan billed to your student account does not reflect the one you would prefer.
    ...your housing situation has changed with ORL and you are now required to have a dining plan no smaller than the SmartChoice5 or Convenience45.
    ...your housing situation has changed with ORL and you are now able and would like to have the SmartChoiceOC. are on a Leave Term, but are residing in college housing.
A Note about Off-Campus Meal Plans: Only students living off campus as defined in the Student Handbook may select the SmartChoiceOC. Meal plan assignments are not based on housing status. If you are living off campus and wish to have the SmartChoiceOC meal plan, please request to have your meal plan changed.

How do I have my dining plan removed now that I am in an off-campus program?

The Dartmouth Card Office is not notified when D-Plan status’ change. If you are participating in an off-campus program, or will be on a leave term not on campus, and will not require a dining plan, please email the Dartmouth Card Office so that we can look into your situation and make the necessary adjustment.

Where can I see what dining plan I am on?

Before the start of term, you can view the billing for your term dining plan on your Banner Student or D-Pay account. Once the term has begun, you can view your use of your active dining plan on ManageMyID or Banner Student.

When does the billing adjustment take effect?

The billing adjustments are effective when they are posted to the student's account. The adjustment may not be visible at first as it may take 1-2 days to populate through the system. Make sure that you are checking the "recent activity" of your D-Pay or Banner Student account to view the most up-to-date information.

What is a "Prorate"?

A prorate is applied to the cost of the dining plan if the request is processed after the start of term. This prorate is applied due to the fact that the student has had opportunity to use a portion of their former dining plan, thus changing the value of the adjustment between plans. The prorate is a calculation of the dining plan cost adjustment based on the number of days the student was on their former dining plan.

Click here to submit a dining plan change request form.