DA$H Discretionary

The Dash Discretionary account is your key to on-campus life. Washers and dryers are ready to use with a simple swipe of your Dartmouth Card. Whether you're cheering on the Big Green or taking advantage of almost any on-campus service or event, your Dash Discretionary account has you covered. Dash Discretionary funds can even be used to make purchases at any DDS location by notifying the cashier.

Dash Discretionary is intended to be a pre-paid, declining balance account.  However, if you spend more money than you have in your account, purchases will be covered by a nominal amount of overdraft protection. There are no fees or interest associated with this overdraft service. Unlike an ATM account, Dash funds are not available for cash withdrawal.  

Annually, at the end of spring term, any amount owed at that time will be transferred to your tuition bill located at Student Financial Services.

The balance of the DA$H Discretionary account rolls over from term-to-term.  If the balance is positive, it will also roll-over to the new academic year.


To get a sense of the various services available with the Dash Discretionary account and the associated costs, please refer to the Dash Sample Term Budget:

Dash Estimate Table 

Note: The DA$H Discretionary account cannot be used to purchase books.


Are you graduating this spring?  There are some things you should know.  Please visit HERE for more information.



GreenPrint is an independent resource for printing at Dartmouth College.  The GreenPrint system and related accounts are not supervised by the Dartmouth Card Office.  For information regarding GreenPrint, please see here: http://www.dartmouth.edu/comp/equipment/printers/greenprint/.

Helpful information from Computing Services:

If you are having problems with the GreenPrint software on your computer, contact the IT Service Desk or your department's IT support office by e-mailing help@Dartmouth.edu or calling 646-2999.

If you have concerns with your GreenPrint balance, send e-mail to Help@Dartmouth.edu as soon as possible (within 48 hours) of the problem. Please provide the following information: 

also at: http://www.dartmouth.edu/comp/equipment/printers/greenprint/greenprint-faq.html/










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