Fees and fines exist at every college, and are an unfortunate reality of college life.

In order to avoid the inconvenience and expense of administrative fees and fines, please take the time to learn about Dartmouth College polices—and the associated consequences for violating those policies—as published in the Dartmouth College Student Handbook.

What Are Administrative Fees and Fines?

Administrative Fees and Fines that have been posted to an account can be viewed on GET Funds or Banner Student. Details of the fee or fine can be viewed on Banner Student.

Examples of common fees and fines, and their posting offices:

Example of Fee or Fine Source Department/Office
Lost or overdue library books/media Library
Dorm damages Residential Operations
Dorm lock changes Residential Life
Late return of athletic equipment Athletic Department
Parking tickets Parking Office
Late insurance waivers Dick’s House
Late Check-In Student Financial Services
Late D-Plan Changes Registrar’s Office
Lost card ID replacement Dartmouth Card Office

Administrative Fees and Fines Policy

Any student that accumulates an outstanding balance of $150.00 or greater in their Administrative Fees and Fines account will be placed on registration check-in hold from the Dartmouth Card Office.

Notification will be sent to students with registration check-in holds via email. The Dartmouth Card Office is not liable if students do not monitor their card accounts or read the notification email sent to them.

The balance owed on the Administrative Fees and Fines account at the time the hold was placed must be paid in full before the hold will be removed. (Please note: this does not mean a balance of $150.00. This is the entire amount that the hold was placed for.)

Only once during the year, at the end of spring term, any amount owed at that time will be transferred to the tuition bill under the administrative purview of Student Financial Services.

Are you graduating this spring? There are some things you should know. Please visit "Commencement and Graduation" for more information.

Customer Support for Administrative Fees and Fines

The Dartmouth Card Office provides Administrative Fees and Fines customer support. We are able to identify the office or department responsible for posting specific charges to the Administrative Fees and Fines account. This information is also available by viewing your account transactions through Banner Student.

Please know that though the Dartmouth Card Office does hold the Administrative Fees and Fines account, we are not responsible for the charges posted to it (with the exception of the lost or stolen Dartmouth Card replacement fee).

Questions relating to specific transactions should be directed to the individual College department that posted the charge.