August 20

Classes have ended. Ten students are currently traveling the "Silk Road"; others have returned home and some have gone traveling on their own.

August 13

The computer was returned to the "site designer" today so additions have finally been made; the students have spent the last week typing their final papers, which were handed in today. Pictures from our trip to Tai Shan were added tonight.

July 30

"Week 7" added to the fsp journal.

July 23

Last weekend we went to the Forbidden City and some of the surrounding sites (i.e., Tiananmen, Mao's Mausoleum, air-raid shelters). The pictures are pretty scarce because the group was smaller than usual, and the students quickly dispersed among the massive number of tourists.

July 18

"Week 6" added to the fsp journal.

July 17

Added: photos taken by four of our students who spent a night at the Great Wall.

July 15

Nine of us went to Shan Xi ("West of the Mountains") province this weekend, a 5-8 hour trainride from Beijing.

July 12

Some more pictures added to the Qing Dao section, the Tian'tan section and the "other pictures" section.

New fsp journal, which includes a week-by-week account by Mitzi Huang.