We watched a movie called "To Live" this week for Chinese 11; it was so disturbing. Thursday night I interviewed a woman who was our age when she lived through the Cultural Revolution - what an intense interview.

The movie followed, from hardship to hardship, the lives of a Chinese couple throughout the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution. It was a very good movie, but at the same time, very depressing, bringing to life everything we have been reading about in class.

Later, I interviewed a woman who had been born the year after the new government was established and lived through all of its policy changes. Her schooling ended after one year of middle school; because her parents were intellectuals, she was sent to the countryside to "learn from the peasants and workers." (Many students like herself were sent to the countryside at that time to "be struggled", the students here like to say.) She spent ten years doing hard manual labor, while in secret she read Western books and listened to Western radio programs.

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