Monday night we had a meeting with some university students from the English department. Tuesday night we saw some Chinese acrobats. I cannot describe it; I will only say that you have to see it for yourself. Wednesday we watched the Swordsman II, classic kung fu movie. Took our first test Friday morning, then we had lunch with our professors. We got to eat the legendary Beijing Duck.

Saturday morning we went to the unrenovated, un-touristy part of the Great Wall. It was raining and very foggy. We walked all the way up the mountain and trekked along the wall. The steps were so steep and old that we were all afraid of falling, and if we were to fall there'd be nothing to stop us. Erin refused to walk near me because she was sure I'd be the one to fall first.

We had a Dartmouth alumni dinner that night. The highlight of the evening was this Dartmouth '51 who gave a (really) long speech. He was one of four Chinese students attending Dartmouth in the late1940s. He was a student of Western philosophy. He refused to take any courses in Eastern philosophy because he was convinced that the reason China was where it was in the 1940s was because of the heavy influence of Eastern philosophy, and not enough exposure to Western philosophy. He was really impressive; I talked to him afterwards.

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