Saturday, July 28, 2001


Health has still been relatively good. There have been a few isolated stomach ailments; one student visited a medical clinic to get prescription medicine for a stomach illness and is since feeling much better. One student also came down with a fever but was back to normal after a couple days of rest and a visit to the doctor.


Chinese continues to be the focus of everyone's day. I get a sense that the students are feeling pretty comfortable with their Chinese, as many are regularly meeting with Chinese friends and are using Chinese in their research for their final projects for Professor Sehrt's class. The students have now completed all three field work assignments for Professor Sehrt's class, the third of which dealt with finding example of propaganda in everyday life in Beijing. We also visited a state-owned enterprise (a TV factory) for Professor Sehrt's class, to shed light on the discussion in her seminar about the changing roles of state-owned enterprises and their efforts to privatize.

Daily Life

Calligraphy class continues, and a few students are still doing taiji regularly in the mornings. Two students are also taking a class in Chinese painting. As a group, we have also taken trips to the Summer Palace and the Fragrant Hills. We also celebrated my 21st birthday last week. In addition, students have gone to many interesting ethnic restaurants lately, ranging from Indian to Uyghur Muslim to Korean barbecue to ethnic Chinese food from Yunnan province.


Last weekend, a few students went to Beidaihe (an oceanside resort town) and Shanhaiguan (where the Great Wall meets the sea), both in Hebei province. They reported an excellent time and an interesting bus ride home. One student even went to the home of a Chinese friend for the weekend in a village outside Beijing.

Next weekend we will be heading to Tai Shan and Qufu in Shandong province. Also, the itinerary for the 2001 Silk Road trip has been posted. It includes airline flight numbers, hotel phone numbers, and everything else you need to know about the trip! Look for another update next Monday!